Clothing production

Sepehr Dariush Shanli Company (Private Shares) has started its activities in the field of clothing production since 2018 due to the necessity and importance of jacket production in the country and has produced jackets in high circulation by using modern industrial machinery.

This industrial unit intends to deal with cruel sanctions by producing high-quality products at reasonable prices and show the capacity, potential and capabilities of the domestic garment industry to the world.

Of course, it has many plans to increase the amount of production, job creation and information, and it envisions a very clear vision for its products.

Production of fibers

Production of thermofused fibers

This type of non-woven fabric is made using a combination of fibers and is widely used in the production of clothing, sleep goods, furniture, automotive industry, etc. Therefore, Sepehr Dariush Shanli Company is proud to supply the needs of customers and its jacket production line with modern and unique equipment from this industrial unit.

Variation in grammage and thickness of fibers is one of the characteristics of the products produced by this industrial unit, although finer fibers are used in the products that have more density and are more resistant to washing, ironing and steam. The special sale of this product is made with very high quality and buyers can buy this product at a reasonable price

Features of the products



شرکت سپهر داریوش شانلی


cloth design

شرکت سپهر داریوش شانلی


شرکت سپهر داریوش شانلی


شرکت سپهر داریوش شانلی